What's To Be Done With Family Fun?

by Family Fun

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released April 28, 2015

Recorded @ Best Instrument Rental
Engineered and Mixed By: Jeff Filmer
Mastered: Pablo Martin


all rights reserved



Family Fun

Family Fun is equal parts punk rock n' roll and nothing. A refreshingly haphazard, multi-lensed beast drawing upon influences musical, historical, comical, and sexual. Hardcore threaded with the theatrical, punk rock peppered with proud pop insensibilities, draws fervently from a gorge of culture and history whether it be Born Against, Dinosaur Jr., Agnostic Front, ELO, Iggy Pop, or Joan Rivers. ... more

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Track Name: Sparrow
The grass is always greener
When the tribunal says it’s cleaner
So say the creatures of the city
Add the complaint to the litany
And as we sally forth together
Hoof and mouth, unrepentant
Our means of survival are our trade secret

And our trade secrets you've yet to learn

Little sparrow, you're so narrow
You can fit into anyone's jeans
Look, there's the pigeon
who just a smidgeon resembles a young James Dean
Little sparrow, how you do it?
Keep your cool with so much going on
I guess you just get dressed one leg at a time
And don't sweat the small shit

Paws and claws, your feather feelings

It's a bipedal ride you're stealing

These troubling times they hardly faze us

And our resilience always amazes

We never needed your permission
We've been doing it this whole time
Some of us can even speak your language

And read between those man-made lines


And the bacteria though invisible
Can put you in the hospital
On the filth
On the subway tracks
And the endless midtown deli buffets

You think you're better than us? (you're not)

You pay 2/3 your salary to live in places we've lived forever
And the food with which we’ve been partying for days

K-9, K-10

Lion’s share stays in the lion’s den

With the dreams of humble sparrows

Animals domestic, feral

We are the keystone species
We always were
We stand together
Feathers and fur
Track Name: Mom Jeans Dad Boner
As I walk away

Don’t want you to see my Dad Boner

You’re walking out of Dress Barn
Got me tending to your dress farm
Kmart blue light, Target goodness
Please forgive this slackjawed rudeness

Bundled tightness, see me fidget
Your hotness, Liz Claiborne rigid
Magic, tragic, hotness hat trick
I'm engorged from your elastic

As I walk away

Don’t want you to see my Dad Boner

I like the way you do that Jordache sashay

Wish we could just amscray to a one-night stay

At the Days Inn in Bergen county

Denim princess, high waist rising
Wish you knew you my khakis crying
Braided belt, stifled lust
Think I just missed my bus


Please leave those Lee's alone
Now I like you best in Guess
Holding Whitman’s samplers on hotel duvets

Room service grilled cheese is on its way

Being a dad was hard to start
And now it just got harder
Like a diamond wrapped in Dockers
Stonewash to my Levi's

Nothing could feel so far away
Track Name: Juggernaut
Half past my finest hour

No thanks to hapless cowards

I'm taking champagne showers

No time to smell the flowers

God bless what I hath wrought

The unstoppable juggernaut

Prescription pills

Trophy kills

I write myself into dowagers' wills



I wake and bake with bacon

God bless what I hath wrought

The unstoppable juggernaut

Fist bumping

Chest pumping

Bible thumping

And all for nothing

You told me to bring it

But it's already been brung

And you told me to win it

But it's already been won
Track Name: Lawnplane
God bless this state of perpetual fear
You can't go home and you can't stay here
There's bedlam on the boulevard
There’s turmoil in the streets
There's people who hate everyone and they haven’t met me
Take shelter in the basement
Take cover in the shelter
Take a little solace knowing things will never get better

It takes the yolk off you
It made a man of you
It took a bath on you
It got a line past you
We're a lot closer to the end than the beginning
The stench of fear is written on your grinning

We traded it all before we knew we had something to trade
It all happened so effortlessly
As the world fell away
Kudos to the engineers
And their fortified deceit
And rendered us to elements that the earth wouldn't even eat

It takes the yolk off you
It made a man of you
It took a bath on you
It got a line past you
Exfoliate the skin, shed that burden of humanity
It's all or nothing lest you make a liar out of me

Bed or battle
Batten down the hatches
Embrace the entropy and figure when the crash is
Fat free momentum

No preservatives impact
You got to cut the rope

Before you're baffled by the sidetrack

Sons and daughters

This is your last standard
Just the night before you were dusting off the nightstand

It's all over

And it has been for years
Best shots given

Good graces unclear
Foreclosures on your mouth
Because your money's where your mouth is
Not for lack of trying
A pox on your safehouses
I am only living
Got a twenty on your heart
Don't be so accommodating if you weren't at the start
Track Name: Prison Jesus
He throws his gang signs in Latin
He always outshines the chaplain
Bears a crown of sharpened plastic
System failure begat his sentence

He holds mass in the yard
Holds communion behind bars
Christens in the showers
Both wolf and punk, trades in scars

Prison Jesus, Prison Jesus
He will take your toilet water
Prison Jesus, Prison Jesus
And turn it into toilet wine
Prison Jesus, Prison Jesus
Injustice is your salvation
Prison Jesus, Prison Jesus
Forgiveness in incarceration

He's got stigmata tape deck tattoos
He's got nothing left to lose
Sheds tears for humanity
Which he immediately tattoos
There is only one way
Thou shalt not lift weights on Sunday
Nor stab your fellow man
If thou can help thy hand


Football years

14 to 30
Spending time in the library
Studying for his GED
But not the bible obviously
Because he lived it
And because he lived it
If you turn your back on him
He'll stick a shiv in it

Track Name: There's No Union Labor in the C+C Music Factory
I'm working hard

I’m looking svelt

I'm bustin' moves along this conveyor belt

I'm pumping out these funky jams

Am I concerned?

You know I am

Gears catch the hair

Sparks sear the skin

No insurance

No protection

No scabs

No shirts

No lights

It really hurts

There's no union labor in the C+C music factory

There's no union labor in the C+C music factory

There's no union labor in the C+C music factory

Black pants, long hair, management insists

With the cogs and gears the injuries persist

The ill will the floor is harboring

It's time for collective bargaining

They keep us working all night long

Outputting song after song

Efficiency, we got it going on

This is our funky Matewan

There's no union labor in the C+C music factory

There's no union labor in the C+C music factory

There's no union labor in the C+C music factory

Black man, white man

Dancing in synchronization

Short-haired man, attractive lady, ponytailed man

Working this new rhythm nation

The wheels turn and they're dangerous

Mandated ponytails, now it just seems ludicrous

I'm just a squirrel trying to get a nut

Let me see you shake your butt

There's no union labor in the C+C music factory

There's no union labor in the C+C music factory

There's no union labor in the C+C music factory
Track Name: Daddy-O
Greater than yellow legal
Post-mortem makes me feeble
I'm safe, I'm slow

I roll with punches while the credits roll
Self-addressed with homemade vinegar
Almost made a bigger man of ya
I'm in, I'm sold
The life we lead is metered against gold
Smooth operators are standing by

There's no room for failure
We can barely keep the pace
There's just no room for room these days
There's just no room for space

Your floorplan's got you phased out
The fumes have got you passed out
A little here, a little there
Pay a little less for wear and tear
My squint burns a hole through paper
Save a little if the denim's tapered
Magnifying glass of a man
Chafingdishes, frying pans

I just want an edible garden
I want to stop crying in public
I want to stop misspelling buzzwords
I want to stop eating dog food

Do you know what they're charging for ketchup these days?
Do you know how long it takes to walk anywhere worth walking?

There was a time maybe in my prime

When the most basic of successes was a death sentence
Now I'll take whatever I can get
I'll take it from the beggar's cup
Lower me into the well

It doesn't matter how it got like this
It only matters where the reward is
‘Remember when’ just hurts us more
The day I wake at 6am is the day we won the war
Track Name: D*g F**d
Dog food

Dog food

The government makes me eat dog food