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God bless this state of perpetual fear
You can't go home and you can't stay here
There's bedlam on the boulevard
There’s turmoil in the streets
There's people who hate everyone and they haven’t met me
Take shelter in the basement
Take cover in the shelter
Take a little solace knowing things will never get better

It takes the yolk off you
It made a man of you
It took a bath on you
It got a line past you
We're a lot closer to the end than the beginning
The stench of fear is written on your grinning

We traded it all before we knew we had something to trade
It all happened so effortlessly
As the world fell away
Kudos to the engineers
And their fortified deceit
And rendered us to elements that the earth wouldn't even eat

It takes the yolk off you
It made a man of you
It took a bath on you
It got a line past you
Exfoliate the skin, shed that burden of humanity
It's all or nothing lest you make a liar out of me

Bed or battle
Batten down the hatches
Embrace the entropy and figure when the crash is
Fat free momentum

No preservatives impact
You got to cut the rope

Before you're baffled by the sidetrack

Sons and daughters

This is your last standard
Just the night before you were dusting off the nightstand

It's all over

And it has been for years
Best shots given

Good graces unclear
Foreclosures on your mouth
Because your money's where your mouth is
Not for lack of trying
A pox on your safehouses
I am only living
Got a twenty on your heart
Don't be so accommodating if you weren't at the start


from What's To Be Done With Family Fun?, released April 28, 2015



all rights reserved


Family Fun

Family Fun is equal parts punk rock n' roll and nothing. A refreshingly haphazard, multi-lensed beast drawing upon influences musical, historical, comical, and sexual. Hardcore threaded with the theatrical, punk rock peppered with proud pop insensibilities, draws fervently from a gorge of culture and history whether it be Born Against, Dinosaur Jr., Agnostic Front, ELO, Iggy Pop, or Joan Rivers. ... more

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